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Instructions / Controls

Use the mouse to select the command and click in the play zone to place the command stone

Description of Dibbles: For the Greater Good

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ThumbnailHelp the Dibbles get their king to safety. They will carry out any command you give them, even if it means (and it usually means :) certain death. Dibbles is an updated take on Lemmings, but with an unique and original twist. Each action costs a Dibble and you only have to save the king to progress, with a bonus for saving extra Dibbles. Instead of clicking on the Dibbles, you place command stones - the first Dibble to encounter the stone will carry out it's orders, in most cases they will remember the order until it's the right time to carry it out, meaning you can queue up commands.

Having problems with the game?Try these fixes ↓
  • Wait for the game to load or reload the page.
  • Make sure you have Java , Shockwave , Flash, and Unity 3D installed on your computer.
  • Reset the browser's cache. In Firefox/Chrome use Ctrl+Shift+R. In Internet Explorer use Ctrl+F5.
  • Our favorite browsers for a pleasent and fast experience: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • If you see a white screen, wait a minute, some games have white loading screens.
  • If none of the above solves the problem, report the game and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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